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Legal Law
A Legal Lawyer help businesses with acquisitions and mergers, trademarks, copyrights and patents.
Criminal Law
Get in touch with top criminal lawyers, be it theft, assault, abuse, trespassing or domestic violence.
Family Law
A Family Lawyer would help you with all family law related matters such as marriage, adoption etc.
Divorce Law
A divorce lawyer specializes in civil law cases. They handle a wide variety of family law issues.
Matrimonial affairs
We specialize in child custody matters,divorce matters,marriage restitution or any matrimonial disputes
1. Criminal Matter

Our professional team deals with all type of criminal matters in every court of law. We specialize in bail matters, family dispute matters, domestic violence, violence against women matters, immoral trafficking matters, banking fraud matters, criminal revision and appeal matters.

2. Civil Matter

Our team of professionals deal with various kind of civil matters like property dispute matters, tenant dispute matters, divorce matters, maintenance and custody matters, succession matters, probate and L.O.A matters, partition matters, eviction matters, title suit matters, civil revision and appeal matters.

3. Company Matter

Any kind of company dispute matters are dealt by our advocates to ensure that clients get their justified remedy. We deal every kind of company dispute matters such as arbitration and other company tribunal matters,